All know of the famous A6M Zero, but new and innovative games will introduce other lesser-known aircraft to add variety. Here are several to choose from. Click the links below to see full, detailed articles on each.

Aichi M6A Seiran – Floatplane designed for surprise attack missions, capable of being carried inside a submarine

Ki-48-IIb and Ki-66 Dive Bombers

Ki-109 Heavy Interceptor – Converted from a bomber, this large but agile bomber-hunter carried a massive gun

Ki-51 / Type 99 Assault Plane

Ki-1 and Ki-2 Bombers – These bombers were successful in Japanese campaigns in Manchuria and China in the early to mid-1930s.

Ki-73 Prototype – A half-completed high-speed fighter project that had two engines geared together to spin a dual-propeller

2MR8 / Type 92 Recon Aircraft –  A recon support vehicle for the Army, this was the first aircraft to use an engine entirely designed and built in Japan

Rikugun Ki-93 – Two full prototypes were built of this unique twin-engined ground attack aircraft with six-bladed propellers and huge gun options

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