Rikugun Ki-93


The Rikugun Ki-93 was a prototype Japanese twin-engined sextaprop (six-bladed propeller) fighter aircraft of the Second World War. It was the last heavy fighter and ground attack aircraft built in Japan during the war. Unlike the Ki-109, which also sported a large cannon in the fuselage, the Ki-93 was not meant to chase bombers, and was instead designed from the start with ground-attack and anti-shipping roles in mind.

The project began in February 1943 with plans to start with a number of prototypes. The Ki-93 was distinctive looking in that it had a ventral gondola slung under the fuselage to accommodate a large caliber cannon. The size of the cannon was dictated by the variant and role.

Two variants were planned, the Ki-93-Ia bomber destroyer, armed with a 57 mm and two 20 mm cannons, and the Ki-93-Ib anti-shipping aircraft, which would have a 75 mm gun in the gondola and would also carry two 250 kg (550 lb) bombs. The sole example of the Ki-93-Ia bomber destroyer made its first flight on 8 April 1945 but was seriously damaged on landing. Before the repaired aircraft could be flown again, a B-29 bombing raid on Tachikawa destroyed the hangar housing the airframe. A second prototype (of the Ki-93-Ib ground attack configuration) was completed but not flown before the end of the war.

Type: Experimental ground-attack aircraft
Service:     Japanese Army Air Force (JAAF) – IJA
Crew: 2

Armament(Ki-93-Ia):1x 57mm Ho-401 cannon and 2x 20mm Ho-5 cannon, 1x flexible rear-firing 12.7mm Type 1 machine gun
Armament(Ki-93-Ib): 1x 75mm Type 88 forward firing cannon, 1x flexible rear-firing 12.7mm Type 1 machine gun, AND up to 551 lb (250 kg) bombs
Reference:     Francillon: 244

Length: 46′ 7.6″ (14.215 m)
Height: 15′ 10.9″ (4.85 m)
Wingspan: 62′ 4″ (19 m)
Wing area: 589.322 sq. ft (54.75 sq. m)
Empty Weight: 16,945 lbs (7686 kg)
Loaded Weight: 23,501 lbs (10660 kg)

No. of Engines: 2
Powerplant: Mitsubishi Ha-214 18-cylinder radial
Horsepower: 1970 hp each (takeoff power)

Range: 1864 miles (3000 km)
Cruise Speed: 220 mph (350 km/hr) at sea level
Max Speed: 388 mph (624 km/hr) at 27200 ft
Climb to/in: 19700 ft (6000 m) in 9 min 3 sec
Ceiling: 39534 ft (12050 m)Production:

Two prototype Ki-93s total were constructed




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