“Ikazuchi” (thunder) is a site dedicated to exploring lesser-known and interesting Japanese war vehicles and prototypes, particularly as they might be used in games that focus on World War 2, the Second Sino-Japanese War, and the broader War in the Pacific. Where possible, original photos of the vehicles are used.

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Note: This site is not intended to praise the Imperial Japanese Army or Navy’s activities during and prior to World War 2, nor to excuse any war crimes. It is primarily focused on the portrayal of Japanese war vehicles and weapons in modern games for simulation purposes. The spotlight is on the machines, the ways they were (or were not) used in battle, and the factors behind their design.

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  1. Gday Brian
    stumbled onto your site while researching Japanese WW2 equipment for model building.Got sick of German Panthers and Tigers .Have been model building since 1958 Airfix Frog Revell etc .Info on Japanese stuff is very scarce especially the less well know vehicles but slowly getting better thanks to Pit Road Finemolds Kits.Interest started due to an uncle of mine was KIA with the 8th Australian Division 2/20th Battalion 9th Feb 1942 Singapore a carrier driver.Missong Lynx website has some Japanese info and have found Taki and his website also helpful.Thanks for a brilliant lot of useful infomation.Gerry

  2. Do you know of many tank on tank battle between IJA and the Allies, outside of IJA vs Russia, 1939 or 1945. Also, looking for more about the IJA vs Russia 1939 and 1945.

  3. Hey there – I have a question you may be able to answer.
    My mother was in Java during WWII when the Japanese occupied Indonesia. She was transported at one point, along with her injured mother, in some kind of station wagon or other flatbed vehicle that had a machine gun affixed to the top of it. She called it a ‘Jeep station wagon.’ This was March, 1942.
    Any ideas? Your site is the only one I have found that even come close to answering question. Many thanks.

      • Thank you for replying! The only reason I thought it was not WIllys is because of the machine gun on top. Seems too heavy. But maybe not. I will search. My mother’s name was Willy, by the way. 😉

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