Japanese Tanks and Vehicles that Saw Combat

For historical game scenarios, the question may arise as to which Japanese tanks (and other armored vehicles) saw combat and where. This list may be used as a guideline for determining Japanese armored vehicle participation in location-based historic games. It is quite possible that some information here may later be proven as inaccurate as more documents surface from private collections or archives, but for now this is a reasonable list to follow.

Note: Where “China” is written, this may include Mongolia, Manchuria (Manchukuo), Mengjiang (Inner Mongolia), and northern Korea.

Tanks documented as having seen combat:

Type 89 I-Go (China, Nomonhan, Philippines, and others)

Type 90 Naval Sumida Armored Car (China-Shanghai)

Type 91 Broad-gauge tractor / armored rail car (China, Philippines)

Type 92 Heavy Armored Vehicle (China)

Type 92 Chiyoda Armored Car (China)

Type 94 TK (China, Burma, and others)

SS-Ki Flamethrower Engineering Tank (China-Beiping)

Type 95 Ha-Go (Widespread)

Type 97 Te-Ke (China, Burma, and others)

Type 97 Chi Ha (Widespread)

Type 97 Shinhoto Chi Ha (Widespread)

Type 1 Ho-Ni I (Philippines, Burma)

Type 1 Ho-Ni II (Philippines)

Type 2 Ka-Mi (Leyte, Saipan)

Type 4 Ho-Ro (Philippines)

Tanks (including prototypes) that are not documented as having seen Combat:

Type 97 Chi-Ni

Type 97 120mm Naval Short Gun Shinhoto Chi-Ha

Type 98 Chi-Ho

Type 98 Ke-Ni

Type 2 Ke-To

Type 3 Ka-Chi

Type 3 Ho-Ni III

Type 3 Ke-Ri

Type 3 Chi-Nu

Type 4 Chi-To

Type 4 Ka-Tsu

Type 4 Ha-To

Type 5 Ke-Ho

Type 5 Chi-Ri

Type 5 To-Ku

Type 5 Na-To

Type 5 Ho-Ru

All purpose-built AA tanks (SPAAGs)

Tanks that may have seen combat, unknown:

Type 91 Heavy Tank (China)

Type 95 Heavy Tank (China)

Type 1 Chi-He

Type 4 Ke-Nu

Credit: The lists above were based on a list provided by Japanese tank expert “Shinhoto” at the War Thunder forums, but since has been modified extensively, mainly to add vehicles other than tanks.


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      • Perhaps I could assist you in obtaining detailed information on these vehicles; I have several 1950’s postwar examinations of Japanese tanks, shells, armored vehicles, etc, and history from the account Lieutenant-General Tomio Hara.

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