Experimental Armored Rocket Minesweeper GS

In 1943 a different approach to sweep mines was explored by the Japanese where explosive ropes fired with small rockets would be used. A Type 97 Medium Tank was equipped with a launcher for 8 rockets.
Below the wire-made launching tubes, sealed boxes with explosive ropes were mounted. The rope was attached to the rocket and flew over wire entanglements and minefields and then detonated destroying the obstacle or exploding the mines.

With the launching pad installed on the engine room behind the turret the rear turret armament couldn´t be installed. So the decision was made to remove the main gun and turn the turret. A muzzle-loaded launcher for a small spigot-mounted Charge for obstacle demolition was installed in the rear turret MG mount which now faced forward.

(Credit: Weapons of WW2, Username: Tom!)

Scale Modelrocketrope



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